Phloem is an innovative turn time tracking application for timber haulers & timber harvesters to know the wait times at their local mills. We have teamed up with Phloem to offer a discount for the service and the first rollout of new features.

Excel Truck Group

Excel Truck Group is one of the leading truck dealerships, parts suppliers, and service providers in the Southeast. We partnered with Excel to bring huge discounts to members of the platform.


Daimler is one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world. In partnership with Daimler, we will enable members of the platform to get the best prices in the industry and increased access to financing when they need it.

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We understand you need the best riding and most durable tires in the world for big trucks. We are teaming up with large tire manufacturers to offer an industry-leading discount to members of the platform.

Team Safe Trucking
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Safety is a pillar of why we are building the platform. With Team Safe Trucking, we can offer a training program to help loggers and timber harvesters get the required certifications that they need.

Verizon Connect Logo

Verizon Connect
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Fleet management software to help move your business forward. We have teamed up with Verizon Connect to offer an industry-leading discount to members of the platform.

Cadence Petroleum Group Logo

Cadence Petroleum Group
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Delivering value at every turn. Cadence Petroleum Group is a collection industry-leading organizations brought together to focus on providing lubrication products that drive leading businesses in every market we serve.